Data Protection & Advertisements at GMX
Data Protection & Advertisements at GMX Data Protection & Advertisements at GMX

Data Protection & Advertisements at GMX

The GMX online portal and homepage are all about you.

Advertisements you actually want to see? Yep, it doesn’t have to be a contradiction. But first, we have to know what you like. Knowing more about you helps us deliver the content you want to see, and nothing you don’t. All of your information is saved anonymously and confidentially on European servers, and you can control the use of your data for interest-based advertisements at any time, making sure your privacy is protected and you are in control of your experience.

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What data do we process and why?

We use the information you provide while setting up your account, like your name and date of birth to customize your experience.

Through the direct control of relevant advertising, we show you content that corresponds to your preferences, adding value to your experience. Revenue from the advertisements you see on the GMX online portal and home page allows us to offer you our free services.

To make sure you have the best user experience possible, we process visitor usage data and user group structure in accordance with current regulation. Our partners use user identification, for example, to show us that someone has already seen an advertisement multiple times, which allows us to change it up, and show you something new.

All user information collected in connection with advertisements on our online portal is subject to the highest security standards. We use cookies to store information, giving you quicker access to the site and to process usage data.

Responsible handling