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Mobile email: Email whenever and wherever you like. You can access your mail account on any mobile device you have thanks to Mobile Service.

Mobile Access

Access your inbox on any mobile device

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Mobile web: access email on your mobile device

Do you have a smartphone or any other mobile device? Read and write your emails and use essential features with the mobile web. Start using the optimized interface for mobile devices now. You won't need to install any additional software; simply access your email anywhere and anytime you want. GMX gives you the possibility to receive and send emails, using GMX features wherever you are. Organize your emails into folders and access your GMX address book on your mobile device. All of this with GMX mobile web access!

No installation necessary

Just grab your smartphone or another mobile device and get instant access to your GMX mailbox and all important features. GMX mobile web is completely free of charges and gives you the freedom you need!

Communication made easy

GMX offers you a free email solution optimized for mobile web. You can access and use many features which allow you to communicate with all your contacts in the fastest and easiest way anytime you need and wherever you are. Experience the freedom of communication with GMX mobile web!

Mobile Access

Access your email account on any mobile device. The optimized interface for mobile devices allows you to:

  • Access address book
  • Manage folders easily
  • Use all essential features
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