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Mobile email: Email whenever and wherever you like. You can access your mail account on any mobile device you have thanks to Mobile Service.

Mobile Service

Connected everywhere

Mobile email – Your emails anywhere you are

You are no longer forced to use only one computer. Nowadays, with a wide range of mobile devices, you can always be on the move and still receive and send emails. Isn’t it awesome? No matter where you are! At home, in the office, on the other side of the world - mobile email access allows you to send and receive emails! Whether you have a notebook, a tablet or any Android smartphone or iPhone, GMX mobile email will be there for you to check your inbox!

Nothing better than email on the go

Having a smartphone is a big relief – this tiny mobile device is your window to the world, always at your fingertips. With GMX mobile email access, you can send an email while spending a lazy day on the beach in Miami to your friend while she climbs Mount McKinley, or organize your week in your online calendar. Wherever you are, mobile email makes this possible – fast and secure!

Stay in touch with mobile email access!

You will never miss an important email or date anymore!  Thanks to mobile email, you can check your emails or your online calendar wherever you are. Having a mobile device and mobile email allows you to be connected to the world for as long, or as short, as you want!


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