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Spam Filter: Over 90% less spam mail. Our seven sophisticated anti spam tools filter junk mails before they flood your mailbox.

Spam Filter

The cleanest inbox

A powerful spam filter

A good spam filter is the key to keeping your inbox free of junk mail. GMX is aware of this and has created a spam blocker with our users in mind. Receive and read only the emails you are interested in. A spam filter is not only a tool to protect you from unwanted emails such as advertisements or any form of phishing; the task of our spam filter is also to protect you from malware that may hide within those spam messages. Stop junk mail with GMX!

Why do I need a spam filter?

Sometimes it just happens. Our email address is added to a spam list, or we simply type it into a website which was not as trustworthy as it appeared to be. We know what happens from there: our email account gets crowded with a huge number of emails we are not interested in which often can be abusive. This is where spam filter does its job. Our spam filter checks emails from suspicious senders and keeps them away from your inbox, so that you can read only emails you want without them being lost in between spam.

Stop junk mail today!

Apart from our powerful spam filter, we give you the possibility to create a blacklist to block aggressive spammers which find their way through or senders you don’t want to see in your inbox anymore. With this protection, annoying spam is left behind and you are free to enjoy the internet!


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