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John Fury: Tyson Fury's fight with Francis Ngannou must be a warning for his team

John Fury: Tyson Fury's fight with Francis Ngannou must be a warning for his team

John Fury thinks that his son Tyson's performance against Francis Ngannou will serve as a wake-up call for his team.

The Gypsy King struggled to victory over Ngannou in last year's fight and his father feels that the same lapses must be avoided as he trains for the clash with Oleksandr Usyk later this month.

Fury told Betfred: "Everybody needs a wake-up call now and again and without these wake-up calls, you’re never going to wake up are you? Tyson has tended to get a bit lackadaisical with what he’s doing, but he’s always been a good worker. Against Ngannou, he had to rely on how good he is because he underestimated Francis and it was only me saying that Ngannou is a world champion in his own right, he’s the hardest-hitting heavyweight on record and that needed to be respected.

"The fact that people were saying that it’s only Francis’ first fight was a load of rubbish because he’s been kicked in the face, elbowed in the face and stamped in the face. He’s not going to be bothered by a right-hander or a left hook is he Tyson’s team totally got it wrong and I stand by that statement."

However, Fury Snr thinks that his son has the "knowledge and heart" to defeat Usyk fighting at just 70 per cent of his ability.

He said: "Forget Tyson’s team because he’s that great, just wind him up and let him go because all they can do for him is give him a drink of water. Tyson has too much knowledge, too much heart, too much skill, too much determination and he’s far too big, so a 70 per cent Tyson will do the trick."

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