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Conor Benn determined to punish Peter Dobson for social media trash talk

Conor Benn determined to punish Peter Dobson for social media trash talk

Conor Benn has vowed to make Peter Dobson pay for his trash talk when the pair clash in the ring.

The pair are set to fight in Las Vegas on Saturday (03.02.24) and Benn pointed out that his opponent did not appear as confident in person as he has been hyping the contest on social media.

The British boxer told "He has to hype the fight, but then again, it comes at a price. And the price is his health on Saturday, so I hope it’s worth it for him.

"Social media’s a funny thing because he was talking a lot on social media, and then when I see him face-to-face not a word was said. And then we got in the car to go to the other face-off [outdoors], and I know he was sent a text message to hype it up. And then he started talking, so you know, at least stand on what you’re saying, you know? But it was a different energy in person. Social media’s a funny thing, man."

Benn's career has been damaged by the doping controversy in the lead-up to his cancelled fight with Chris Eubank Jr. in 2022 and he considers Dobson to be a dangerous obstacle as he seeks blockbuster contests later this year.

He said: "I don’t even look at it like that. Listen, he’s got two arms, two legs, and when I say he can punch, I don’t mean necessarily hard. But he’s got two arms, two legs, a head and he throws punches. So, you know, I always prepare for any man as if it’s my world title fight, because it’s these sort of fights that you overlook that can cause mega-upsets. It’s just, you know, a historic thing in boxing, where fighters take their eye off the ball and, you know, become unstuck."

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