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Mary Earps uses 'quite a few filters on social media'

Mary Earps uses 'quite a few filters on social media'

Mary Earps has “quite a few” filters on social media to protect herself.

The 30-year-old goalkeeper admitted it took some time for her to realize she’d created a viral moment at the World Cup last summer - when she was seen emphatically telling the Spain team to “f*** off” after saving a penalty – because she blocks out a lot of terms online.

Asked how she felt about the memes, she told Women’s Health magazine: “Oh the penalty thing? I didn’t realize how big it had got, to be quite honest, until a few weeks after.

“Because I have quite a few social media filters and stuff in place to try to protect me from the noise. That’s a strategic choice, shock.”

It took a raucous bout of cheering when she appeared on comedy sports quiz ‘A League of Their Own’ for Mary to realize the impact she’d had on popular culture.

She said: “That was mind-blowing to me.”

But her England manager, Sarina Wiegman, had foreseen what was to come for the 2023 Sports Personality of the Year.

Mary - who plays for Manchester United at club level - said: “Sarina said to me after [the World Cup], ‘I told you life will change… It’s rare for a goalkeeper to have had the impact on the tournament that you had.’…

“I was just kind of like, look, I’m just doing my job.

“We were collectively disappointed that we fell short at the end. But I know we gave everything.”

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