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Tony Bellew claims that Tyson Fury won't be able to get into Oleksandr Usyk's head

Tony Bellew claims that Tyson Fury won't be able to get into Oleksandr Usyk's head

Tony Bellew thinks it will be "impossible" for Tyson Fury to get inside the head of Oleksandr Usyk.

The British fighter will take on Usyk on May 18 for the right to be the undisputed heavyweight world champion but Bellew suggested that the Gypsy King's famous mind games will be ineffective against the Ukrainian.

The retired boxer - who lost to Usyk in the final fight of his career in 2018 - told talkSPORT: "You're not getting inside his head to be honest. I believe, without blowing my own trumpet, that I'm very, very good at that. I'm absolutely fantastic at winding people up.

"But I didn't think he spoke great English and then he came into the dressing room after beating me up and then spoke perfect English to me, he done me good and proper."

Bellew continued: "But listen, I'm his biggest fan. I'm his biggest fan, he understands really good English, he just doesn't speak it well. It doesn't matter though, his mindset is on another level to anyone's I've seen.

"Tyson's not going to get to him, he really isn't and if anything it'll get to Tyson the fact that he's not getting to him."

The heavyweight bout has been pushed back by three months after Fury sustained a cut to his eye during sparring and Bellew hit out at "ludicrous" theories that the WBC world champion deliberately picked up the injury to dodge the clash.

He said: "Some of the ludicrous stories of where he's cut his face and stuff like that, get a grip of yourself. This is a lad who's going to fight for reportedly anything between £50 million and £70 million, and you think he's going to cut his own face to get it to fall through?

"Don't be ridiculous, some of the stories out there, some of the conspiracy theorists. Listen, I've always thought that he wasn't the keenest on facing Oleksandr Usyk but when you're putting up the kind of money you're putting up, he's not scared of no one."

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