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Tony Bellew open to boxing comeback for right price

Tony Bellew open to boxing comeback for right price

Tony Bellew is willing to return to boxing for the right price.

The former WBC cruiserweight world champion hasn't fought since losing to Oleksandr Usyk in 2018 but would consider an exhibition clash with fellow Brit Carl Froch if he received a lucrative offer.

Bellew told Spinbet: "Was Carl Froch really joking? You really never know with Carl.

"I don’t know what the price would be to get me in the ring to fight Carl in an exhibition, but it wouldn’t go the distance I can tell you that much."

Bellew believes that he would be able to inflict defeat on Froch with a knockout punch.

He said: "Never say never. It wouldn’t take place at Goodison Park, but Carl wouldn’t see the final bell let me tell you that.

"If somebody offers me the right price, then I’m sorry to say that I am fighting again.

"Everybody has a price and everyone on social media can say what they like but if everybody needs to get paid and if they offer the right price then you do it and get on it.”

Froch previously admitted that Bellew left him on the floor in one of the many gym sparring sessions they shared.

The retired fighter said in 2020: "So there's a story I'll tell you now. Me and Tony Bellew used to spar, we used to have some heavy spars.

"He's put me over. He's the only person to put me over in sparring I don't know if I've mentioned it before.

"I'm not bothered, he put me down on the floor. He caught me with a right hand, sweet, on the chin, as I was backing him up, thinking I was gonna chin him.

"He timed me and caught me with a right hand. And he can punch, Tony Bellew."

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