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Ricky Hatton uncomfortable with Jake Paul v Mike Tyson

Ricky Hatton uncomfortable with Jake Paul v Mike Tyson

Ricky Hatton believes that boxing greats will be "turning in their graves" at the prospect of Jake Paul fighting Mike Tyson.

The YouTuber will take on the heavyweight legend in a blockbuster bout to be screen on Netflix in July but Hatton is uncomfortable with the contest.

Hatton told Instant Casinos: "I get the pushing and the shoving and the name calling and holding each other back, but some of the great champions of old will be turning in the grave watching that c*** to be honest with you. I’ll be turning in my grave and watching it myself, but I’ve got my eyes open in the sense that this is the world that we’re in now."

The retired British fighter is aware that such fights generate entertainment but thinks that traditional boxing needs to be strong for the sake of the sport's reputation.

Hatton said: "We’re in the entertainment business. YouTubers against MMA and MMA against boxers, I think that world can exist. As long as fights like [Ryan] Garcia, [Terence] Crawford and [Errol] Spence, Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk happen. As long as those fights are made, they can stay in their world and we’ll stay in our world.

"Both can exist, I’m not turning around and saying, ‘Oh, this is a joke’. We’re in the entertainment world, that’s the reason why they [YouTubers] have the followings they have, because people want to see it. Let them have their world and we’ll have our world."

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