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Jurgen Klopp will be glad to see the back of the Merseyside derby

Jurgen Klopp will be glad to see the back of the Merseyside derby

Jurgen Klopp won't miss the Merseyside derby.

The Liverpool boss takes charge of the Reds in the fixture against Everton for the final time in the Premier League on Wednesday (24.04.24) and will be happy to be free from the "pressure" of the rivalry.

Klopp - who has lost only once in 18 meetings with the Toffees - said: "Around the derby is just pressure.

"The pressure is higher so why should the joy be higher? You win it, great, but why should I miss the pressure around it? This time, when you’re really playing for something, that’s the pressure. But when you are both not in a great moment, it’s the one game you have to win, definitely. That kind of pressure – why would I miss that? It’s not enjoyable.

"Everyone else can only watch it and think, ‘Oh my God, it looks exciting.' But somebody has to make the decisions, somebody has to do this, somebody has to do that.

"So many people visit me around the games and say, ‘We will not see that anymore or that anymore’, and I just want to tell them – I work all the time while you just come here and watch the games. I’m constantly in it, even when the game is over I can’t switch off. It’s not great to be in this situation all the time.

"Maybe other people enjoy that more than me. But that’s something I definitely will not miss."

Liverpool will move level on points with league leaders Arsenal if they prevail at Goodison Park and Klopp knows that "cool heads" are going to be required in a raucous atmosphere.

He said: "They always look ready for the game. We have to make sure we are ready for this one... Derby fever will be in minds, so we have to be cool and that's an important part in preparing for the game."

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