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Tyson Fury to decide on next move after Oleksandr Usyk loss

Tyson Fury to decide on next move after Oleksandr Usyk loss

Tyson Fury will take time to plot his next move after losing to Oleksandr Usyk.

The Gypsy King suffered the first loss of his career in the split decision defeat to the Ukrainian on Saturday (18.05.24) but hinted that he is willing to carry on boxing.

Fury told reporters: "I ain't boxing because I've got no money, I'm boxing because I love it. I'm 36 in a few months. I've been boxing since I was a child.

"Where does it all end? Do I have a hundred fights and break down and end up in a wheelchair?

"While I'm still loving the game - and I was having fun in there - then I will continue to do it. When I can't do it any more, I'll pack it up."

Fury was convinced that he'd done enough to win the fight and was proud of his performance against such a tough competitor.

He said: "I'm very happy in my mind, I'm happy with the performance. Both men have got paid and both men are going home to their lovely wives and children. And that's what it's about. We put on a show for the fans.

"I'm going to be 36, we're not young kids anymore. We're at the end of our careers and we've got a brilliant fight tonight, so I'm proud of myself.

"In that ninth round I was hurt and I rallied back, that's what the GK (Gypsy King) does. I was thankful we both got out of the ring, on to the next one."

Fury explained that he will take stock and discuss with promoter Frank Warren before making decisions about the future.

He said: "We'll go home, eat some food, drink some beers, spend some family time, walk my dog, go to the tip and me and Frank (Warren) will talk about what's going to happen in the future."

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