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Michael Owen reveals Arne Slot's 'biggest challenge' at Liverpool

Michael Owen reveals Arne Slot's 'biggest challenge' at Liverpool

Michael Owen thinks Arne Slot's "biggest challenge" at Liverpool is "expectation".

The Reds legend has weighed in on his former club's new boss, who has taken over after fan favourite Jurgen Klopp ended his nine year stint in charge of the team.

Speaking to FourFourTwo magazine, Owen said: "The biggest challenge is expectation. Demands are high, coming off the back of a fantastic decade - not just trophies but amazing nights and a great style of play.

"At certain clubs, fans will get on players' backs if the team isn't performing well - you'll never hear Liverpool fans do that.

"They're very loyal to their team and their manager."

Despite that leeway from such a passionate fanbase, Owen believes the pressure is on after how well Klopp has done in the eyes of the supporters.

He explained: "In the long term, they must be competitive.

"It's all right giving managers time, but he walks in with a very good squad already, so if they came fifth and didn't win a trophy, they can't say it's just building blocks. The building blocks have already been put in place.

"Winning something in the first season would be perfect, but if they don't, they've got to be challenging. Then, long term, he has to play attractive football and win titles.

"The icing on the cake would be to integrate himself with the city, with the people, like Jurgen did. But you can't think, 'Let's do it exactly the same way as Jurgen'. Nobody can do it that way."

Owen has suggested that anyone besides Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola would have struggled to fill Klopp's shoes.

He said: "It will be tough. Unless Pep Guardiola had walked through the door, then it was always going to be a comedown from Jurgen Klopp.

"Sometimes it's very, very difficult to follow the Lord Mayor's Show. We've seen that in the past at Manchester United and Arsenal.

"How do you succeed in that situation? Some of the most experienced, talented coaches on the planet, like Unai Emery would love to know the answer."

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