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ChatGPT arrives on Apple Vision Pro

ChatGPT arrives on Apple Vision Pro

ChatGPT is now available on the Apple Vision Pro.

Since its launch on February 2, the immersive headset has slowly been getting more apps, and now OpenAI's chatbot has entered the equation.

ChatGPT announced alongside a demonstration GIF on X/Twitter: "chat has now entered the 3D world.

you can find it in the visionOS App Store. (sic)"

This means users will be able to use the ChatGPT Voice instead of typing.

The new addition comes after Google confirmed a YouTube app is "on our roadmap".

This is a massive U-turn, as just a few weeks ago, it was claimed that YouTube and Spotify had no plans to make apps for the device's visionOS system.

For now, users can access YouTube in Safari.

However, that's set to change.

YouTube spokesperson Jessica Gibby told The Verge: “We’re excited to see Vision Pro launch and we’re supporting it by ensuring YouTube users have a great experience in Safari.

“We do not have any specific plans to share at this time, but can confirm that a Vision Pro app is on our roadmap.”

The headset launched with 600 native apps.

The device, which launched in the US on February 2, is said to be launching in the UK and Canada in late 2024.

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