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Elden Ring only getting one DLC

Elden Ring only getting one DLC

‘Elden Ring’ won’t be getting any more DLC content after ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’.

The beloved action role-playing-game, which was developed by FromSoftware Inc. will be getting its first additional content on 21 June 2024, but the studio have now confirmed the DLC will also be the title’s last.

Speaking with the Chinese outlet Campfire Camp, FromSoftware creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki said: “‘Elden Ring’ emphasizes the exploration and adventure of the big world. In order to provide such an experience, it inevitably needs a broad and huge scene.

“Therefore, instead of splitting it into several parts, it is better to make a big one. If it is sold separately, the freedom of exploration and sense of adventure will be discounted.”

Miyazaki also revealed that ideas for the expansion came during the planning stage, and revealed they were inspired by George R. R. Martin’s work on the ‘Game of Thrones’ franchise.

He explained: “We already had relevant ideas when developing the game.

“‘Elden Ring’ was developed on the basis of the myth created by Mr. George R. R. Martin. At that time, we felt that the volume was too large and it was difficult to put it in the body. Therefore, these contents are not deliberately arranged in DLC, but the parts that already exist.”

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