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Elon Musk warned over Starlink policy in Sudan

Elon Musk warned over Starlink policy in Sudan

Elon Musk has been warned that he risks "collectively punishing" millions of Sudanese people by closing down Starlink in the country.

The 52-year-old billionaire businessman plans to close down the internet service in the war-ravaged African country - but nearly 100 humanitarian groups have now warned him against the move.

In a statement, a coalition of 94 rights organizations operating in Sudan said: "Any shutdown of telecommunication services is a violation of human rights and may be considered to be a collective punishment that will not only isolate individuals from their support networks but also exacerbate the already dire economic situation facing millions."

The humanitarian groups have warned that the move will have a particularly negative impact on vulnerable people in Sudan.

Their statement continued: "The potential shutdown of Starlink would have a disproportionate impact on civilians and the aid organizations who are trying to reach them."

Sudan has been dealing with a widespread telecommunications blackout for several months, and aid groups have been reliant on Starlink amid the humanitarian crisis.

The Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese military, the two warring forces in the country, have been targeting infrastructure during the crisis. But it's been estimated that around half of the population now need humanitarian support.

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