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TikTok banned in New Caledonia

TikTok banned in New Caledonia

The French government has banned TikTok on the island of New Caledonia.

Gabriel Attal, the Prime Minister of France, has taken the decision amid riots in New Caledonia, which is one of France's overseas territories.

The decision has been taken as New Caledonia deals with a state emergency, which has led to the army being deployed in a bid to quell recent unrest.

The tension centers on a recent law change, which allows people who have resided on the island for more than a decade to vote in local elections.

The move has proven to be very controversial among some residents, who argue that it weakens representation for indigenous people, who are also known as the Kanaks.

New Caledonia comprises dozens of islands in the South Pacific. The area was annexed by France in 1853.

The recent unrest has already led to at least four deaths and hundreds of injuries, according to Gerald Darmanin, France's interior minister.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron - France's president - has previously floated the idea of shutting down social media platforms, like TikTok, amid unrest in mainland France.

The President suggested the idea in 2023, when the French authorities were struggling to contain riots in cities across the country.

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