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Windows 11 is bringing AI to Paint and Photos

Windows 11 is bringing AI to Paint and Photos

Windows 11 is bringing AI integration to the Photos and Paint apps - but only for certain users.

Tech giant Microsoft is putting a heavier emphasis on artificial intelligence, having introduced its range of AI-focused Copilot+ PCs, along with the 'Recall' feature to make searchable recordings of PC activity.

Now, the company has unveiled a boosted Cocreator feature for Paint, which will only be available on Copilot+ PCs.

The devices' powerful NPUs (Neural Processing Units) will be used to generate images based on text prompts.

Although Paint does already have an AI-powered Image Creator, there are some key differences.

Firstly, Cocreator will work locally on your PC, meaning you won't need to go online to generate your images.

Both options will be available with Image Creator staying live, but Cocreator will be faster at producing images.

It will also have a 'Styles' dropdown menu, as well as a 'Creativity' slider, which increases a higher quality image with more detail, whereas the lower level will be closer to the rough sketch done by the user.

Meanwhile, Windows 11's Photos app will also get an AI boost - again, only for Copilot+ PCs - with the 'Restyle Image' feature.

This will let people alter their photos with certain preset artistic style, such as transforming a photo of your pet cat into an anime-style piece.

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