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Elon Musk offers shareholders tour of Tesla factory

Elon Musk offers shareholders tour of Tesla factory

Telsa shareholders are being offered the chance to tour a factory alongside Elon Musk.

The outspoken businessman is seeking support from Tesla shareholders over a $56 billion pay deal, and he's now offering them the chance to tour a Tesla factory with him before a vote on the issue.

A statement posted on the Tesla website explains: "Tour the Cybertruck and Model Y manufacturing lines with Elon Musk and other Tesla executives with a private group of stockholders on June 12th, the day before the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting. You will also have a reserved seat at the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting on June 13th.

"To enter, simply vote your shares, submit proof of share ownership and voting below, and you will be entered to win. Or send a postcard as explained below. Only one entry per stockholder is permitted, and chance of winning is independent of how many shares you hold or how you voted your shares. Fifteen stockholders will be chosen at random to participate in the tour."

Elon, 52 - who serves as the company's CEO - has also posted about the unique opportunity on social media.

The billionaire businessman said on X: "Please let us know if you have any questions about voting your Tesla shares!"

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