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Apple 'working' to add Apple Intelligence and Go Deeper to Vision Pro

Apple 'working' to add Apple Intelligence and Go Deeper to Vision Pro

Apple's Vision Pro headset is reportedly set to get Apple Intelligence and its 'Go Deeper' option for demos.

Bloomberg's top analyst Mark Gurman's sources tell him work is already underway to get its artificial intelligence (AI) platform on the costly "spatial computer" where digital media and the real world collide, which starts at $3,499.

However, there is no date confirmed for when Apple Intelligence will be integrated into the interface.

The tech giant is also said to be improving its demo experience, where users can view their photos and videos in mixed reality.

Apple's Tim Cook recently vowed to bring the Apple Vision Pro to China this year.

The tech giant's virtual and augmented reality headset launched in the US in February, with an eye-watering price tag, and amid his tour of China, the CEO affirmed his love of China and said he's "confident" in the market.

Cook said in a news bulletin shared by CCTV's Weibo: "I am very confident in it (China).

"I love China, I love being here, I love the people and the culture. Every time I come here, I am reminded that anything is possible here."

The Vision Pro is released in the UK on July 7.

At launch in the US, the headset came with 600 native apps.

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