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Samsung workers strike continues

Samsung workers strike continues

Samsung workers are continuing their strike.

The South Korean tech giant has insisted there will be "no disruptions" to production despite the industrial action over fairer pay and conditions.

The world’s largest microchip producer told the BBC: "Samsung Electronics will ensure no disruptions occur in the production lines. The company remains committed to engaging in good faith negotiations with the union."

However, the union said: "The company has no intention to engage in a dialogue even after the first general strike, thus we declare a second general strike starting from July 10th, lasting indefinitely."

The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU), which has around 30,000 members, has only just ended a three-day walkout, which was attended by 6,500 employees.

The workers have demanded better pay, more holiday time and amendments to its bonus scheme.

Park Jun-ha, a 20-year-old Samsung worker, expressed his discontent with his working conditions, saying: “I was telling people that I was proud to work at Samsung, but the truth is I am not."

He also expressed frustration at the firm's "opaque" bonus scheme.

After being questioned about the low turnout, union officials blamed the lack of time to give workers political education.

An increase of 3 per cent was offered, however, they want at least 3.5 per cent, Union vice-president Lee Hyun-kuk told Reuters.

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