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Choosey greeting cards include video

Choosey lets you make your own video greetings cards.

This clever app helps you design a birthday, anniversary or thank you card and prints a link inside, which when scanned by the receiver's smartphone, it is able to link to a special video message you can watch.

Explaining how it works on their website, they shared: "Videos can be attached to every card design. Browse the cards page to see all designs, or select an occasion or style to filter them. Check out our artists to see whose designs you like best. Use our easy card finder to choose the type of card you're after. Filter by age, gender, style or occasion, and find your perfect card!

"Enjoy selecting from our library of funny, cute and sentimental videos [or] make it personal and upload your own video from your computer or via the Choosey App. If you don't want to include a video, simply select NO VIDEO to create a normal card.

"Choosey cards let you say exactly what you want. Say as much as you like - or as little! Then give your message the wow factor with awesome fonts.

You can even add graphics! The only limitation is your creativity ... Play! Move the text around and make it bigger or smaller. Add some emoticons or other graphics. Or perhaps a PS. You can add as much as you can fit on the page!"

On the website or app, you can choose from a huge selection of cards and add your own customisations, with prices starting at £2.99.

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