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Google to learn whether it faces record fine

Google is set to learn whether it will face a record fine over its Android operating system.

The American tech firm has been accused by the European Commission of using its mobile strategy in a bid to strengthen its hold on the search market, where it competes with the likes of Bing and Yahoo.

Under industry regulations, the Commission can fine the company as much as 10 percent of its annual revenue, which in the case of Google is equivalent to an eye-watering $11.1 billion (£8.5 billion), while the same body could also force the firm to detach its Android operating system from the Chrome browser.

The move to investigate Google was prompted by a complaint made by Fairsearch - a trade group - in 2015.

A spokesman of the group, David Lawskey, has called on the European Commission to look towards the future when making its decision.

He said: "The anti-competitive harm is likely to go far beyond smart mobile devices.

"As connectivity is added to substantially all innovative devices, the list of potentially affected devices, such as smart TVs and connected devices will only grow.

"The European Commission's remedy should anticipate these consequences and fully address them."

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