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YouTube 'fuels flat-Earth theory'

YouTube is helping to convince people of the flat-Earth theory, according to new research.

The video-sharing platform is one of the most-viewed sites on the website, and a study of flat-Earth theory believers has shown that YouTube videos have played a major role in fuelling their beliefs.

Professor Asheley Landrum from Texas Tech University told the Guardian newspaper: "There's a lot of helpful information on YouTube but also a lot of misinformation.

"Believing the Earth is flat is of itself is not necessarily harmful, but it comes packaged with a distrust in institutions and authority more generally."

According to the Professor, the science community needs to produce its own YouTube videos in order to debunk the flat-Earth theory.

The expert explained: "The only tool we have to battle misinformation is to try and overwhelm it with better information."

Last year, meanwhile, YouTube decided to reform its platform in a bid to help vloggers to make more money.

The video-sharing brand opted to make some significant changes to its service in light of criticism, which centred on changes to YouTube's advertising policies.

The suggestion at the time was that changes to the policies meant that video-makers were finding it tough to earn ad revenue.

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