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Apple boss Tim Cook lets staff work from home

Apple boss Tim Cook has given most of its staff permission to work from home this week.

The tech giant's CEO has responded to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak - describing it as an "unprecedented event" and "challenging moment" - and given the majority of its global workforce the option of doing their job remotely in a new memo.

According to Bloomberg, Cook told staff: "Please feel free to work remotely if your job allows."

The policy - which is currently in place from March 9 to 13 - impacts "areas with the greatest density of infections".

It's also said that hourly employees working at affected offices will "continue to receive pay in alignment with business as usual operations".

At the end of last month, Cook confirmed Apple factories in China were reopening as the coronavirus was coming under control.

He said at the time: "It feels to me that China is getting the coronavirus under control.

"I mean you look at the numbers, they're coming down day by day by day. And so I'm very optimistic there.

"On the supplier side, we have suppliers - you know, iPhone is built everywhere in the world. We have key components coming from the United States, we have key parts that are in China, and so on and so forth.

"When you look at the parts that are done in China, we have reopened factories, so the factories were able to work through the conditions to reopen."

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