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Mail storage: We give you unlimited space to store your emails. You won't have to worry about archiving your emails on a computer ever again - Keep all your messages in your account!

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GMX File Storage: file sharing is easy with 2 GB of free online storage

Looking for easy file sharing? Do you want to share your files with your contacts or simply store some of your personal files on a secure web space where you can access them everywhere and anytime? GMX File Storage allows you to personalize your folders and to manage your data easily - 2 GB of free and secure disc space just for you! Store all file types: texts, photos, music, videos and more. Simply grant guest access to your friends to share your files! And all of this via drag and drop!

Share all types of files

GMX gives you the unique freedom to share files. Whenever you need to upload any kind of file, feel free to use the File Storage. Upload your files and sort them into folders, or simply store them there – it is your call! File share made easier than ever!

Guest access

You no longer need to send huge attachments. Forget the tedious task of splitting up files to fit them into multiple emails. With GMX File Storage, file sharing is easy and fast. Just offer guest access to any of your contacts and protect it with a password.

File Storage

Upload files and store them in a secure and free file storage - access them whenever you need them. Sign up and get:

  • 2 GB of free disc space
  • Upload all kinds of files
  • Share files with your contacts
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