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Travel expert reveals 'huge planning process' for booking Disney World vacation

Travel expert reveals 'huge planning process' for booking Disney World vacation

A travel expert has claimed that there are "so many intricacies" involved in booking a Disney World vacation.

Melissa Sanchez runs Spellbound Vacations and specialises in securing deals for families to travel to theme parks like Disney World and Universal in Florida and has explained that booking a trip to the magical resort involves more than just choosing a hotel.

She told TravelWeeky: "Whether it's Disney or, honestly, any other location, I feel very strongly if that's what you want your focus to be, then you need to have experienced it. You need to be boots on the ground, visiting a location multiple times a year. I think if you want to start selling Disney, you have to have some sort of background in it -- at least, that's my opinion on it. I don't think it's a product that's easy enough to just jump into.

"There are so many intricacies in booking a Disney vacation. It's more than just, 'I'm going to choose this hotel and we're going to go to the parks every day and have a great time.' There really is such a planning process beforehand that if you want to be that Disney expert, that Disney planner to sell this product, you need to know it like the back of your hand to be able to give your customers, your clients, what they're really looking for so they can have a full, enjoyable experience."

Melissa was a big fan of Disney World before setting up her business and went on to add that she still visits the parks up to four times a year so she can advise her clients accordingly.

She said: "[I go] usually anywhere between two to four times a year. I try to go often enough where I've experienced the different seasons, I've experienced the different festivals they have at different times of year, whether it's a Food and Wine Festival or the Festival of the Arts. I try really hard every couple of years to at least have been to one of those festivals, experience the new rides, the new attractions. I think it's really important that, when your clients say to you 'Have you done this?' your answer can be yes, or it can be "I haven't yet, but I'll be there next month and I can let you know."

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