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Thailand alters its tourism philosophy

Thailand alters its tourism philosophy

Thailand's tourism philosophy is focusing on quality over quantity.

The Asian country has been a hugely popular tourism destination over recent decades - but Siripakorn Cheawsamoot, the Deputy Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, has revealed that the country is eager to change its approach.

He told "We are more focused in terms of the value that the tourists spend in Thailand.

"The second thing is also about the dispersal of the numbers of tourists. Connect to their local community, connect to the other destinations, across the destination. That is the way that we’re moving forward."

Experts have also noted that traveller habits have evolved in light of the climate crisis.

Vasyl Zhygalo, the Portfolio Director at the World Travel Market, explained: "With sustainability conscience, what we see, they call it slow holidays. So, it's fewer holidays, but they are much longer. And they’re more focused, rather than on sunbathing, more on experience."

The global travel market has bounced back over recent times.

But Dimitris Frangakis, the Secretary General at the Greek National Tourism Organisation, acknowledges that the landscape has now changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing environmental issues.

Looking at the future of the tourism sector, he said: "I would say that the biggest challenge for the long-term period in the future is the climate crisis.

"Greece has a specific plan until 2030 in order to achieve sustainability in the environment, tackle climate change consequences and, of course, adapt to the new era."

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