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Wonderful waterfalls in the Philippines

The Philippines are home to some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls.

From the stunning Kawasan trio of waterfalls in Cebu to the Asik-Asik waterfalls in the Alamada region, these wonderful forces of nature are popular with tourists.

The Kawasan waterfalls ha ve been dubbed the world's most beautiful because of the stunning blue pool the water cascades into. It is surrounded by lush green tropical forests and gives an air of coolness in this hot climate.

Whilst the view of the falls itself is spectacular, the journey to it as well can be just as enjoyable. Opt for the 30 minute walk from Matutinao Badian Church, which takes you through Kawasan village along a path by the stunning river, which has its own mini waterfalls, with the bright blue water splashing against the rocks.

There are also lots of lagoons to take a look at around there where you can swim and enjoy the tranquil of the rainforest.

The Asik-Asik waterfalls were only made known to the world in 2012 when a picture of them made it in a national photography contest. It is named Asik-Asik as it means "sprinkle-sprinkle" in the local Hiligaynon language.

It is thought this wonderful waterfall finds it source in a mountain or an underground river. It used to be quite difficult to get to this waterfall but that has been made easier by having roads developed to help with the increase in tourism in this area. However, if you want to take the path less travelled, you can opt for the steps on the mountain side, which give you a stunning view of the falls as you descend down to them.

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