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Young travellers are more connected

Young travellers are more connected to their home country than those who don't go and explore the world.

A study by Contiki - who aim their holidays towards 18 to 35 year olds - found that 40 percent of people surveyed took part in activities in their community compared to 31 percent of non-travellers.

Travellers are also more likely to engage with local issues and political policies. 21 percent of people revealed they are involved in their local government, compared to just four percent of those who stay on home soil. And the study also revealed that travellers are 10 percent more likely to find more satisfaction in their relationships.

Adam Cooper, Contiki U.S. president, said: "It's evident through our research and 55+ years of expertise that travel transforms the traveler and the traveler transforms the world. We're thrilled to launch a campaign that celebrates the importance of unifying the world and creating young global citizens."

Whilst Contiki sales and marketing director Donna Jeavons added: "You might assume that young people who travel a lot aren't particularly connected to their own communities at home. However, our research has revealed that 75% of travellers agreed they're more tolerant and compassionate thanks to the awareness of other cultures that visiting different countries gives them. The impact this has at home was the most surprising data we uncovered - it seems the more young people travel, the better citizens they become at home."

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