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Facebook launch Trip Consideration

Facebook launch Trip Consideration

Facebook has launched a "trip consideration" feature, connecting businesses to their prospective customers before they even decide where they are going on their next holiday.

The social media giant know the influence they have on people's holiday decisions and are connecting their consumers with the people who can provide them with the vacation of their dreams.

Christine Warner, U.S. Head of Travel at Facebook, said: "From the moment someone is inspired to take a trip to the moment they book, they're going to 56 travel-related touch points over a span of 43 days. Over that time, they are spending five times more time on Facebook and Instagram than they are with any other travel-related website or app.

"A recent study found that 68 percent of millennials turn to Facebook inspiration for their next trip. Trip consideration leverages insights like this, plus behaviours across Facebook, Instagram, our apps, etc., as well as demographic profiles and apps and websites off Facebook in order to personalise the ad experience for a traveller and to maximise results for the advertiser."

Trip Consideration is now being launched globally.

Warner added to Travel Week: "It will help the travel partner talk to the traveller or engage with the traveller at the beginning of their travel journey, when they have intent to travel but haven't yet specified where they want to go ...

"Trip Consideration is launching globally and is available to partners throughout the travel industry. This is a great way for any advertiser in the travel industry to connect with a traveller at the very beginning of their booking process."

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