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Latin American travelers like exploring their own country

Latin American travelers like to explore their own countries.

Sixty four per cent of residents of the likes of Brazil, Colombia and Peru prefer to travel around their own country rather than head abroad for their vacations.

The Latin American Travel and Tourism Trends Study found that people take on average five trips a year, much more than other countries, and the average trip takes around 10 days.

When they decide to go away, six in 10 are undecided on where they want to take a trip too and 70 per cent are open to help and inspiration when choosing their destination.

Jennifer Andre, Senior Director at North America and Latin America at Expedia Group Media Solutions, said: "Latin American travelers are taking more trips and longer trips than travelers from other countries, but interestingly, the majority opt to explore their own countries over travelling internationally.

"Although Latin Americans may be more apt to travel domestically, they are often undecided on a destination, and they're turning to a variety of sources for inspiration and information. This indicates a significant opportunity for marketers to reach and influence this audience throughout the path to purchase."

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