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Business travellers feel stressed

Nearly half of international business travellers feel more stressed whilst abroad from work.

A study by International SOS and Kingston University has found that 45 per cent of those surveyed felt they would get more stressed whilst working abroad, whilst 31 per cent admitted to experiencing emotional exhaustion during their business trip and 25 per cent said they felt depressed or anxious during their work trip.

And it wasn't only mental health issues as 76 per cent of people confessed they found it hard to maintain a balanced diet and an exercise regime, with 73 per cent also revealing they didn't sleep as well whilst away for work. It was also revealed that people work longer hours whilst away.

Kai Boschmann, director of the International SOS Foundation, said: "The business opportunities associated with international travel are undisputed, but research suggests that frequent travellers make three times as many claims for psychological treatment compared to those who don't travel on business regularly. To safeguard business continuity, as well as fulfilling Duty of Care obligations, organisations need to better understand how they can protect the mental health and physical wellbeing of their employees while travelling."

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