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Travel photos improve singletons' dating luck

Singletons use travelling photos on dating websites because they think it makes them look more adventurous.

It has been revealed that people who include travel photos on their profiles on dating apps are more likely to get a match than people who don't, whilst travel photographs in general receive 30 per cent more likes than others.

Travel is also an important part of dating and relationships, with 62 per cent of men saying they want a partner who travels and 74 per cent of women wanting the same.

Dating coach Lisa Marie Bobby said: "People feel locked into a job and a routine that they just show up and do and it isn't really meaningful. When they are able to be their real selves is when they're outside of that day-to-day system."

Whilst dating coach Kevin Murray added of travel: "It's easy, low-hanging fruit to start a conversation with. If they don't want to read and [they can] just see the picture, they can be like, 'Oh, when did you go there?'"

And people will go to great lengths to give off the perception they are well-travelled even if they aren't.

Murray added: "If they're not well-traveled then it's like, 'S**t,' and you try to find that one trip to showcase [even if it is] grasping at straws. Whether you're talking out of your a** or actually well-travelled, I certainly like to make a point of talking about travel."

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