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Travellers want assistance from chatbots

Travellers are looking for chatbots to help them with their online travel experiences.

A study by Humley has found that 75 per cent of those surveyed would love to have a chatbot help them with booking their travel, especially when using online comparison websites.

And 62 per cent of people revealed they find it difficult or very difficult to find the best deal, with nearly half (49 per cent) using at least four to seven websites before making their final section.

Online travel sites such as Kayak and Expedia are becoming increasingly popular, with 84 per cent turning to sites like these to make their purchases.

Adam Harrold, managing director/chief technical architect of Humley, said: "Travellers are looking for new ways to find deals on all facets of their travel arrangements. It's clear that chatbots have caught their attention as a much-needed and helpful tool, but not all chatbots are equally adept of helping consumers navigate deals, book flights or rooms or learn about destinations. At Humley, we've taken a unique approach to AI-powered chatbot by equipping them with natural language capabilities - providing users with an authentic and natural experience that makes it simple to find the most relevant and useful information that travellers seek."

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