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Well-travelled people are more attractive

Well-travelled people are considered to be more attractive.

A study has revealed that for long term relationships, people consider intelligence to be the most attractive trait and they particular like when a person has seen more of the world and experienced other cultures.

The authors wrote in their report: "We found that intelligence only seemed to matter in the decision-making process when a sufficient level of physical attractiveness had been met in the short-term context. Given the role of physical attractiveness in short-term relationships, there is little sense in people's minds to consider whether someone is smart until the most important (i.e. necessity) trait has been established to be at a sufficient level. Physical attractiveness, in the short-term context, acts as a prerequisite so that a person might be considered for further interaction."

And travelling the world is just one way to improve intelligence as prospective partners like those who use correct grammar.

Sajan Devshi, a psychology teacher and author, added: "The key difference between humans and all other animals on the planet is our intelligence. Theories on the formation of relationships say we try to find people who are similar to us but a little bit better. Travel the world to become more cultured and knowledgeable. Read more to increase your vocabulary and improve your employment prospects."

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