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Travel makes us happy

Travel is one thing that makes us the happiest.

As part of International Happiness Day, Mars Wrigley Confectionery carried out a social listening study to find out just what made us the happiest and it turns out that "living in the moment" and "celebrating life with loved ones" tops the list.

A Mars spokesperson explained: "Travel, whether for business or pleasure, has an important role to play in all of these findings. Travel brings people together: for celebration, for business, for new experiences. Travel can be motivational, inspirational, exciting and stimulating. Travel widens our horizons, opens our eyes to other cultures, reminds of what we have, and gives us ambition to achieve more."

And Mars say confectionery plays a big part in happiness including when we are travelling as we tend to pick up some sweet treats at the airport either for ourself or as a gift.

The spokesperson added: "Enjoying and celebrating life is also, of course, a perfect fit with the confectionery category. When purchasing confectionery, consumers generally shop either to recharge or reward themselves, to connect with others, or to celebrate something with a gift. In global travel retail, purchasing is primarily to Connect, with Celebrate coming a close second. And these two motivations are all about connecting and making people smile."

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