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Email archiving solutions: Organize all your archived emails. Create folders and keep all your emails in one place. Our email organizer helps you to find every email you ever sent or received.

Email Archiv

Store all your emails

The best email archiving solutions

You will enjoy email archiving solutions regardless of why you use your GMX email account. You will never experience the stressful situation of a full inbox. With email archiving you can organize all your emails by date, subject as well as sender. You can find emails, even those from many years ago, effortlessly.

Your email archive - Keep your mails organized!

GMX email archiving solutions allow you to sort and archive all your emails by date, sender or keywords and subjects. Such options are very helpful in finding even very old emails.

Nested folders within your email account

Archiving emails is not a very pleasant task and it is sometimes hard to get started. We know that, which is why we have implemented advanced email archiving solutions, like nested folders. You can organize your emails in the most efficient and productive way. Divide your email archive into categories and subcategories. You can create the category “Family” and then add subcategories like “Brother”, “Mum”, “Grandpa”, etc. This way, finding emails will be a task that only takes up a few seconds of your precious time.

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