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Encrypted Email at GMX

Encrypted Email

The GMX solution

GMX provides a fast, user-friendly and secure email service, alongside advanced PGP encryption to give you complete peace of mind. No matter what your emails contain, our encrypted email service ensures that it remains between you and the recipient. Sign up today and enjoy maximum privacy!

The importance of encrypted email

Privacy is not just an issue concerning businesses and large corporations. Be it a casual email exchange between friends or messages of a more professional nature, keeping the contents of your emails private is important for everyone. Whether your messages contain confidential data or everyday conversation, no one other than the intended recipients should be able to read them—this is where encrypted email comes in. From preventing identity fraud to keeping personal conversations private, knowing how to send encrypted email is an essential aspect of online safety. Encrypted email hosting with GMX makes it easy to ensure that only the designated recipient can read your message, so that nothing ends up in the wrong hands.

How encrypted email works

Setting up encrypted email allows you to effectively make the content of your emails unreadable to anyone other than the designated recipient. Our encrypted mail service employs PGP security through our partnership with Mailvelope, meaning that your emails are rendered illegible from the moment they are sent, right up until the recipient decrypts them.

With PGP mail encryption, you use both a public and a private key; the public key is exchanged with your communication partner who uses it to encrypt any emails sent to you. This email can then only be deciphered with the private key which is held by you. PGP for email gives you total control over your privacy so you can rest assured that each and every item sent or received is safe.

How to use encrypted email

Using encrypted email with GMX is simple and setup can be completed in just three steps:

1. Sign up to GMX and install the Mailvelope extension in your browser (Google Chrome or Firefox).

2. Create your unique email encryption password. This password should only be known to you and should consist of letters, numbers and symbols. It should also be different to your GMX login password.

3. Print a copy of your password as backup since you will need this to decrypt any messages. Ensure you store it somewhere secure.

With GMX, enjoying the benefits of an encrypted email account is not only incredibly simple, but also completely free. Getting the best out of encrypted email with GMX requires no technical know-how; once you have enabled encryption options in your GMX account following our quick, straightforward process, you can compose and receive emails exactly as you would normally. If your contacts haven’t yet set up encrypted communication, simply invite them to do so and start making the most of encrypted email exchange. What’s more, you can also send an encrypted email via the GMX Mail App. Whether on your mobile, tablet, or desktop, we have encrypted email solutions to suit everybody. Discover email security at its best with our encrypted email service today.

Free encrypted email and much more with GMX

In addition to the power of PGP encryption, GMX provides one of the most secure email services currently available, alongside information on email encoding and day-to-day email safety. Our powerful security features include:

  • Antivirus software
  • Spam filter
  • Secure online cloud
  • Full mobile email security

You will also find a wealth of organizational tools, such as our Mail Collector and Calendar; alongside plenty of attractive domains for you to create the perfect email address. Sign up with GMX and enjoy the most secure email accounts and much more. Experience 24/7 availability across all your favorite devices; and a host of safety solutions that ensure your inbox is clean and protected.

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