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GMX smart email storage

Store the emails you want. Get rid of the rest.

Is there an email storage space limit with GMX email?

GMX email storage space limit is 65 GB. That means you can hold onto about half a million emails, so there’s no need to rush to delete emails you might still want. But if you’re holding on to messages from 2008, it might be time to clean up shop. You might think half a million emails could get messy (that’s a lot of emails), but GMX offers you the tools you need to easily filter emails by date, subject, sender, and content. With GMX, you have the space and organizational tools to store the emails you want, and easily delete the content you don’t.

How to check your current email storage

How much space do you have left for new emails? It’s easy to check your storage space any time you want:

  • Login to your GMX email account.
  • Choose Settings > Folder Overview from the menu.
  • Check under Total to check the size of your mailbox and to see how many emails you currently have stored.

How to get organized and free up space

With GMX you can clean up your email space using different filters and tools, making sure you always have enough space for the emails you actually want to keep. 

Of course you can clear up space by simply deleting unwanted emails and emptying your trash. But to do a little spring cleaning and instantly gain lots of space, use the “Empty folder” option to clear full folders at once. Maybe you have a folder accumulating tons of junk emails (think your Spam folder) and you want to clear it out in one fell swoop. From your inbox, click the wrench icon next to the folder you’d like to clear, and click “Empty folder” to delete unwanted emails. Then click “Empty trash” to make things permanent. Your storage will be recalculated to reflect your new found space.

GMX helps you clear up space with helpful default and customizable time limit settings too. For example, the default storage time limit for your Spam folder is 30 days. That means, GMX will clean up for you; after 30 days, Spam will be eliminated automatically. You won’t have to lift a finger.

You can also apply custom storage time limits to other folders in your inbox. Choose the amount of time you would like to store emails in any given folder using the storage time limit settings. Once the time limit for a folder has been reached (you can choose any amount of time, from one day to forever), GMX will clean house, moving your emails to the Trash folder, where you can either review them or delete them automatically after a set amount of time.

GMX custom settings allow you to manage your space easily. Some great tools for saving space include:

  • Deleting emails automatically (without passing them to the Trash folder for review) after a set period of time.
  • Erasing emails automatically from the Trash folder after a set period of time.
  • Creating filters to sort emails from specific senders directly into the Spam or Trash folders.
  • Making filters to delete emails from specific senders permanently as soon as they are received in your inbox.

Smart email storage

GMX offers you the email storage space you need, advanced email security to keep your content safe, and the customizable settings that allow you to stay organized. GMX email storage is smart. Learn how to create an email account with GMX here.


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