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Secure Email at GMX

Secure Email

GMX: Simple, safe and private email

Sign up with GMX and enjoy one of the most secure email accounts around. Keep your email safe with our smart spam filter, robust PGP security, and a host of safety solutions that allow you to use your free GMX account with complete peace of mind.

The importance of a secure email service

The importance of email security and the safety of your data cannot be understated. Whether using your professional or private email accounts, safe email communication is paramount to both you and the recipients of your mail. Today, online predators are common place, and constantly looking to access your personal data in order to hijack your digital identity. In addition to this, email inboxes can quickly become overwhelmed by spam mail if the proper precautions are not taken to keep your email address private.

Thankfully, GMX provides one of the safest email services in the industry thanks to a range of secure email products alongside insightful advice and guidance. Whether taking advantage of our powerful spam filters, antivirus and email encryption tools, or simply following our recommended email safety measures, GMX is here to help.

Day-to-day email security

When you sign up with GMX, you’ll enjoy comprehensive access to one of the most reliable and secure email accounts around. However, there are a number of precautions and day-to-day safety measures you can take to further increase the security of your email. By taking your email security seriously, you will help protect your personal data and your computer hardware.

  • Choose a strong password — secure webmail is underpinned by a strong login password. Choose one that contains numbers, letters (both uppercase and lowercase) and special characters. Also, change your password frequently and never share it.
  • Use plain text — whilst HTML emails might look good, they can potentially contain harmful elements and undermine an otherwise secure mailbox. Always disable HTML until you are sure you can trust the sender and contents of the email
  • Beware of unsolicited email — when receiving unsolicited or suspicious looking email, proceed with caution. Do not follow any links within the email body and never open attachments. Secure email gives you the option to quarantine suspicious mail or simply delete it.
  • Do not give out personal or financial details – where possible, do not share your personal or financial details over email. If absolutely necessary, ensure you use encrypted email to send sensitive information.
  • Beware of Phishing scams — Phishing is the practice of eliciting your personal or financial details by masquerading as a trustworthy company or entity. Never provide passwords, card details or other data through unsecure mail services —always visit the website of the respective company.
  • Logout properly — particularly important when using a shared or public computer, logging out of your secure email account completely prevents other users accessing your account and the data contained within.

Spam filters, antivirus and PGP

As part of our commitment to safe and secure email, GMX provides a number of solutions that integrate seamlessly with your email account. So, beyond a flawless and speedy email account, we also set up our service to be solid, dependable and capable of repelling any kind of digital attack or threat. In combination, our secure email solutions make us one of the safest email services around—discover the GMX difference today:

  • Spam filter

    Receiving spam messages is tiresome and distracting, and beyond the harmless yet annoying spam, nastier messages that include dangerous malware and viruses can be devastating to your computer and its data. Our secure email solutions allow you to train your spam filter by clicking “spam” or “not spam." The spam filter also remembers trusted senders' email addresses and the text pattern of the email itself to allow automatic filtering of your incoming email.

  • Antivirus

    Our powerful antivirus software checks any incoming email and attachments for viruses, Trojans and other spyware. This applies to both your computer and your mobile devices allowing you to communicate safely whether at home or on the move. Antivirus software is one of the key tools to ensuring a secure email address.

  • PGP encryption

    Send secure email with PGP encryption for ultimate privacy. Whenever you hit "send" on an email, our PGP security software translates the content of your message into an indecipherable code. This stops any criminal or bot from being able to understand your email. Once safely in the inbox of your intended recipient, our PGP technology decodes the message so that it returns to its original format—making it legible to the recipient again. Learn more about PGP encryption with GMX.

Safe email on the move

With the rise of smartphones and tablet devices, email has become truly mobile. This means that reading and writing email has never been more convenient, however, it has also opened up email accounts to new and previously unknown threats. Naturally, as a secure email account provider, we value your mobile email security. Follow these suggestions to enjoy safer email communications whilst on the move.

  • Wireless connections may not always be safe. Where possible try to use a trusted WIFI connection when checking your email.
  • Use a password on your mobile device and email account in case of theft or loss.
  • Ensure that no one can see you enter your passwords when logging in to your email account.
  • Ensure you enable the GMX antivirus and spam filters.

Discover truly private email with GMX

GMX is among the most secure email providers in the world. Our determination to offer the best private email service around grows with every new registration we receive. When you sign up for a private email address with GMX you also receive helpful tips and expert advice for getting the most out of your account and keeping it as safe as possible from external threats. From expert guidance on creating a password to award-winning service software, GMX offers the ultimate email experience that you can trust. With GMX, your emails remain protected and safe from outside threats. Sign up for the private email service with us today and experience emailing at its safest.

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