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Send large files: With, you can send attachments weighing up to 50 MB. Share your own music or your latest vacation pictures in just one email.


Raising the limit

Send large files – Attachments up to 50 MB

We give you the opportunity to send large files: up to 50 MB! It is much more than other email providers can offer you. With 50 MB attachments you have the possibility to email large files like documents, lots of photos, and videos! With other email providers you are limited to 20 MB attachments. GMX has raised the limits so you can send larger files!

Email large attachments and share the best moments

Send large files up to 50 MB – it sounds so great! What can you send with such large attachments? Let’s start with your last holidays. They were amazing for sure. Now you want to show the best photos in high resolution to your friend who is too far away for a live presentation. Just send them with your GMX email account! You have been working recently on a very big and exhausting project, but the whole document you created is over 30 MB! No problem for GMX! Send big files and be sure that they are safe!

No compression needed

There is no need to struggle with file compression or to separate files in different emails. You can save yourself the time and effort! No need to compress your documents and images, just send large files as they are - this is the freedom we offer at GMX!

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