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Panasonic vows to prove the firm's 'technological edge' to Tesla with battery cells

Panasonic says Tesla moving their battery cell production in-house will give them "a chance to demonstrate" the firm's "technological edge".

Although Elon Musk said in September that his company would be making their own cells by 2022, and reduce their costs by half, Panasonic executive Yasuaki Takamoto believes the electric car makers will still need them to help achieve this along with their rivals as the electric vehicles market booms.

He told the Financial Times: “We knew from the very beginning of our partnership that it would be impossible for Panasonic alone to achieve the pace of expansion Tesla was envisioning.

“To produce batteries in a completely new size will entail bigger challenges in design, development and manufacturing. But that also gives us a chance to demonstrate our technological edge."

The Japanese firm has already started producing their own battery cells based on the 4680 format Musk announced, which contain more nickel and zero cobalt.

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