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Dyson gets 1.46 million dollar fine after a machine fell on a worker

Dyson slapped with a $1.46 million fine after a machine fell on a worker.

The tech giant has been forced to pay up after they admitted to breaking health and safety laws at their facility in Malmesbury in Wiltshire, UK.

James Hole, a Health and Safety Executive inspector believed the incident “could have been fatal”.

He added: "Those in control of work have a duty to assess the risks, devise safe methods of working and to provide the necessary information, instruction and training to their workforce.

"Had a suitable safe system of work been in place this incident and the related injuries could have been prevented.

The manufactor - who is known for its founder James Dyson and innovations such as the ballbarrow and the Dyson Hair Wrap - said they were “thankful” the member of the staff was “not more seriously hurt”.

They also detailed that health and safety was its “number one priority” and outlined the victim had returned to work.

"As an engineering company, we use complex and often heavy equipment and take care to do so safely.

"We deeply regret that this happened and we accept the court's decision today."

Swindon Magistrates Court heard that the employee had been transporting a 1.5 tonne milling machine with a fellow worker before the incident in August 2019. The pair lifted it with a five tonne jack, and attempted to replace wheels with wooden blocks before it landed on the man, hitting him, leaving with injuries to the head and chest, according to HSE.

He is believed to have been prevented from being fully crushed as the machine eventually landed on two toolboxes and another machine.

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