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LG unveil Airport Guide Robot that can take you to your gate

LG have unveiled a set of robots that can help you if you get lost at the airport.

The technology company have deployed their robots at Incheon International Airport near the South Korean capital of Seoul.

There is an Airport Guide Robot, which will be able to provide "information and assistance to visitors", and an Airport Cleaning Robot that will keep the floors nice and clean.

The robots have been beta-tested since the beginning of the year but the full trial begun at the airport last week.

The Airport Guide robots use LG's voice recognition platform and are able to understand four different languages - Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese - which are the four most popular languages spoken at the airport. The robot also has the ability to connect to the airport's central server and therefore can provide information about boarding and the locations of various places and gates at the airport. By scanning the boarding pass, the robot is able to direct a late or lost traveller to their departure gate.

The Airport Cleaning Robot has a "powerful cleaning performance, autonomous navigation, and object-avoidance capability" and the robot is able to detect which areas need the most frequent cleaning and is able to calculate its own route there using the most efficient route to get there.

Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company, said: "LG is dedicated to the advancement and development of its robot technologies which includes navigation, voice recognition, natural language processing, and of course, DeepThinQ. It is this kind of effort and innovation that will drive LG forward in the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

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