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Steer bracelet stops you falling asleep at the wheel

A team of inventors have created a bracelet that shocks you if you fall asleep at the wheel.

Creative Mode are raising funds to create Steer, a wearable bracelet that can "detect the level of someone's drowsiness" and wake them up if they are falling asleep.

They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "Steer is a bracelet that will help you to not fall asleep behind the wheel. Steer detects the level of your drowsiness by analysing heart rate and skin conductance and warns you when your condition is close to sleeping.

"Besides warning you about the fact that you are drowsy, Steer actually wakes you up, so you are safe to continue the journey. Steer bracelet is intended for all drivers and everyone who suffer from sleep deprivation from time to time. It is useful for long journeys to different city or state, as well as short journeys to work in the morning when you just woke up and are still feeling sleepy."

The device works using 16 sensors that measure heart rate and chemical reactions on the skin to tell if someone is tired.

They added: "Steer uses 16 highly accurate sensors which measures the driver's heart rate and skin conductance (galvanic reaction of the skin). These sensors are used in a polygraph (lie detector) by the police, but society had very little access to them in dealing with global problems like drowsiness behind the wheel.

"When you switch on Steer, for a minute it analyses your normal heart rate and skin conductance, and then it refers to these indicators to determine whether or not you are getting tired. Steer analyses your condition every two seconds, and when it detects a decrease in your heart rate by 10 units, Steer will warn you with strong vibration and yellow light.

"When your heart rate decreases by three more units, ... Steer will wake you up with a gentle electric shock. As a result of these simulations, the levels of serotonin, noradrenaline, and cortisol in your body will increase, and the level of 'sleeping hormone' melatonin will decrease. These changes will make you feel fresher and less drowsy and will return your heart rate to normal."

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