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Smartphone app helps people practice their dating skills

A developer has created a smartphone app that helps people practice their dating skills.

The Hong Kong based developer has created the app, which is called VR travel friend, that promises to help those who are out of practice to get back into dating.

Margaret Ming, the app's communication officer, said: "We want to allow more people to try out what it's like to date a girl because there are a lot of Otakus [people with obsessive interests] who don't know how to communicate with girls. This game can teach them how to get to know girls."

Users can choose between four female models and follow the story of spending a holiday with them in Japan or Thailand. Here, they can choose to go on various dates including trips to cafes, hot springs and even karaoke as they learn how to deal with women in the real world.

The app itself is free but there is a plastic headset to purchase, which the phone plugs into, that costs less than £5.

The new game went on display at Ani-Com and Games fair in Hong Kong last week and was created to get obsessive manga or anime fans back into dating.

It comes after dating app Badoo revealed they are now letting their users search for potential lovers who look like their favourite celebrity.

The team behind the smartphone app have created a Lookalikes section, which allows you to search for your favourite celebrity and find the singletons who match them best.

Andrey Andreev, the CEO of Badoo, said: "We pride ourselves on listening to our millions of users around the world. We regularly hear that they love new, simple and fun ways to make better connections with a potential match. Badoo Lookalikes is already proving to be just that."

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