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Bridge can fold up and move

A London-based architect has designed a bridge that can move to different locations up and down a river.

Margot Krasojevic was commissioned to draw up plans for the awe-inspiring bridge by the Ordos City government in Inner Mongolia to allow the public to cross the Wulan Mulun River.

The bridge would be able to be used by pedestrians and has a floating section, which has three expanding walkways and a triple sail made of carbon fibre. The whole structure can fold itself up into a much smaller space and then move itself up the river using the sail or it can be towed by a boat.

Dr Krasojevic told Mail Online: "The revolving sail boat was inspired by the FLIP boats which rotate by 90 degrees and float when in position. The revolving sail bridge tries to define a new typology for a bridge, which synthesises movement and flexibility like a yacht. The structure is shown at different scales with all the configurations of walkways expanded giving an idea of flexibility and location.

"I attempted to design a bridge which adapts to the changing urban fabric, a design to hopefully reflect a city's constantly fluctuating population and programmatic density, why should it be stationary? Why can't it have another use when it is not a bridge? A pop-up restaurant, quayside coffee shop even a cinema. Cities demand adaptable design rather than a static and debilitating architectural presence."

The design of the bridge also offers a number of options when it comes to stabilising the structure. It can be moored to the riverside or it can use Caisson foundations to keep it in a permanent place. To make it even safer, there are screw-in moorings as well as nine ton anchors.

The bridge was commissioned by the government to encourage more people to move into the city as it remains largely unoccupied, despite much investment into the buildings and transport in the area.

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