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Intel's drone show lights up Singapore

Intel set the sky above Singapore alight with 300 drones.

The multinational corporation held a light show over downtown Singapore as part of the country's National Day Parade and 52nd birthday celebrations.

The drones were lit by LEDs and moved about in the sky to make shapes and patterns including the map of Singapore.

Anil Nanduri, Intel's global drone chief, told Mashable: "There's considerably more operational complexity in handling a 300 drone fleet, compared with 100 drones in a show. It's like juggling balls in your hand. You may be able to juggle three, but if you juggle nine, you may have to throw them higher and faster to get more time."

The organisers faced a few challenges including the weather - which could have affected GPS signal if it was poor - and the drones had to fly close together, increasing the likelihood of a crash.

The drones also had to be automated so they know their place in relation to one another and thus allowing them to co-ordinate with each other, whilst the software that a person uses to control them had to be perfected because there were so many drones over a small area.

Intel are committed to developing their drones and have displayed their light shows at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and at Disney Springs.

They also took part in the Disney 'Starbright Holiday Show - An Intel Collaboration'.

Writing about the event on their website, they shared: "It was the longest light show we've achieved, requiring 300 drones to be airborne for twelve minutes.

"A stunning way to bring Disney's brand to life, the 8-week engagement required technology that could illuminate the skies flawlessly every night."

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