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Necklace lets you livestream to social media

Necklace lets you livestream to social media

Social media fans can now livestream to the world using a necklace.

A team from Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. have developed FrontRow, a piece of jewellery that hangs around a person's neck and allows them to stream live onto Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The company wrote: "FrontRow's sleek, 55-gram (less than the weight of a typical smart-watch) form-factor was specifically designed to wear conveniently. Unlike traditional cameras and smartphones requiring manual operation, FrontRow can operate fully autonomously - allowing one to capture life's experiences while completely staying in the moment.

"A subtle interlocking connector provides the flexibility to wear FrontRow using the included stylish lanyard or multi-purpose magnetic clip, or third party chains. Upcoming accessories include a car window mount and flexible coil mount.

"FrontRow features cameras on both sides of the device. The primary camera features a 140 degree wide-view lens (roughly double that of a typical smartphone) that, combined with FrontRow's microphone array, allows for more complete capturing of experiences.

"The device features a speaker for local playback and an easy-access clickable media button that can be used to quickly start and stop many of FrontRow's capture functions. FrontRow has a standby time of up to 48 hours ... and can be in Live-Streaming Mode for up to 2 hours. The device can be charged on the go using other Type-C smartphones and has a quick-charge time of around 20 minutes."

The device also has a Story Mode, which creates a time-lapse capture of experiences throughout the day, and can be controlled by a smartphone using bluetooth.

They added: "FrontRow's user experience is unlike any camera brought to market. Built around a custom 2-inch circular hi-resolution touch screen, FrontRow's user interface allows instant live streaming on social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as integration with a variety of popular applications like Dropbox, Spotify, and more. Fast Bluetooth allows effortless connectivity to smartphones running the FrontRow App (iOS and Android compatible) and provides seamless captured media transfer along with powerful remote control capabilities."

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